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How It Happen...

   In 2014, a spark of fascination for the world of art ignited within me. It all began with a graphic design apprenticeship that opened doors to a vast realm of creative exploration. As I delved deeper, I eagerly absorbed knowledge in 3D design, filmography, and a myriad of other artistic disciplines. However, it was through the expressive power of portraiture, wielding brushes, paint, and pencil, that I truly found my artistic voice.

Embarking on an exponential journey, my passion propelled me towards captivating art shows, thrilling competitions, and even inspiring collaborations with children, nurturing their artistic dreams. Along this incredible path, my prowess as a portraitist blossomed, earning me prestigious awards and recognition across multiple countries.

   Yet, as life's chapters turn, even the most vibrant passion can sometimes wane. I found myself yearning for a new avenue to rekindle the fire within me. That's when destiny beckoned me towards the captivating world of jewelry.


   With the fusion of cutting-edge 3D design and boundless imagination, I discovered the realm of custom jewelry—a medium that allows boundless possibilities and unparalleled personalization. Every piece crafted becomes a masterpiece, intricately designed and meticulously brought to life through the age-old art of lost wax casting. The transformation from ethereal idea to tangible reality is nothing short of enchanting.

   Now, the choice is yours. Will you join me on this extraordinary artistic odyssey? Whether you're seeking a striking portrait that captures the essence of your soul or a bespoke jewelry piece that reflects your unique story, together, we can embark on a new chapter of creativity. Let your imagination take flight and unveil the captivating world of artistry that awaits.

customized jewelry and stone setting for GIA ceritified stones
Fully customized engagement rigs GIA certified at half cost!
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