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Sterling Silver

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Loose Gemstones For Settings

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What is GIA Certification?

Full GIA reports for gemstones
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   I handpicked this stone because of its natural characteristics. The blue with the complimenting yellow center I knew would be perfect for a yellow gold ring. The ring is completely designed to complement the stone from the color to its shape. The round designs with sharp end cuts. This signifies the round stone with the sharp cuts. The stone is slightly oval shaped, most of the rounded designs are elongated to show just that. There are five moissanites down each side and three deep blue sapphires on each side. This is the first masterpiece of my own creation. This is a truly authentic GIA certified ring and the beginning of my new legacy. A legacy I hope one day to pass to my son Laviathon.  

GIA custom built ring by Geremy Woods
Customized jewelry builds by Geremy Woods, GIA certified gemstones.



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